Don’t lose your sparkle.

Don’t lose your sparkle.

Don’t loose your sparkle whatever you do.

In this current global situation, it seems so easy down tools, shut your glitter away and eradicate the colour from your daily routine. As nail artists and beauticians our daily routine means interacting with our customers, sharing hearty conversation an having the opportunity to show off our creativity and skills. When Boris announced that our country as well as others needed to go on lock down, I bet. Like mine your heart sunk into a frenzy of panic and disappointment.

No daily routine, co customers, no business, no creativity. The fact is we have been, and will all be affected in some way because of this global crisis but the worst thing you can do is stop. We are always so busy; we forget to do certain things to support our creativity and our business’s. We rarely have time to market ourselves, try new things, learn a new skill or just practice our skills to better them. Well now is the time.

Start joining groups on social media full of like-minded people, become part of a community and gain support from others. Trust me it’s the best medicine in all this doom and gloom. As a Nailchemy Ltd educator I found solace in the fact that I am part of a supportive, caring, motivational community of nail techs and beauticians. We all come from different backgrounds, have different sets of skills and experiences but we support each other’s individuality and encourage development. We share ideas and teach each other new techniques and overimportant are there for each other all the time and especially now.

You don’t have to be a Nailchemy educator or ambassador to join our community. Just find us on Facebook and join in. Each week there is a schedule of live sessions where our amazing ambassadors put on creative nail workshops to highlight how you can create clever effects on your clients to add to your services or just to have a go. The workshops show nail art techniques using gel polish, genesis acrylic, aura acrylic gel and more. Our highly skills ambassadors are some of the best in the business and they give up their time to support others to be creative.

During this lock down period there is even more to feast your eyes on. The Nailchemy team are busy conjuring up some entertainment and online courses and workshops for you to enjoy and participate in. follow us on social media to keep up to date with what’s in store.

In the meantime, get yourself to work. Get motivated and start planning for when we are all back to it. Make a list of things you always mean to do but never have the time. This may be getting to grips with marketing. Creating social media posts or practicing a new nail art or beauty skill. If you’re looking for social media information and a bit of motivation, then have a listen to my podcast. As a beauty business owner, myself and Nailchemy educator I too am in the same boat as you all, so I put together this podcast to help you re gain some gumption. In this episode we talk about the effects on the beauty industry in this current climate, we have some sound social media marketing advice and tips form The digital flamingo and there are also a few little entertaining features included to. Click ,here to listen to this episode and sign up to be notified when new episodes are available.

I myself have decided to take the Prime ministers messages as inspiration as I feel it’s so important to listen and I feel these images will stay with us for a long time. I created 5 nail tips that emanate the importance of staying home. Saving and appreciating our NHS and a familiar character.

Check out this video of how I created these.

I used all Nailchemy colours and decided to go with the red white and blue theme. I really enjoyed crafting these. Why not have a go yourself and share what you have designed. (attach photo of the finished nails.)

Finally stay busy, stay strong, look after yourselves and others and stay home. We will NAIL this.

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