Shine bright like a crystal.

Shine bright like a crystal.

In these uncertain times we know we can not look into the future at present as we do not have a crystal ball however we do have crystals. As you may or may not know as part of my business as a beauty and makeup service provider i create custom press on nails. I call these gorgeous sets our Cre8tive Customz and we sell these boxed beauties to a diverse customer base. Our customers range from individuals that may work within settings where a consistent gel or acrylic manicure is forbidden because of hygiene purposes or what not like medical professions or food handlers. Our sets mean that they can create that bespoke manicured look in minutes and take them off just as quick.

Drag fabulous

Our other main client base is the fabulous drag community. When creating for an individual or group within this flamboyant, colourful community we get truly excited. The process is an opportunity to collaborate on creativity as most purchases are based on adding a little extra for specific look, theme or category.

Being able to stretch our creative abilities and more importantly get to use more bling than ever is a privilege.

We created this beautiful press-on set using gorgeous ombre glitter techniques, foiling and fabulous crystals by Crystal Parade.

Crystal Parade

Crystal Parade are in our opinion the best crystal provider as they have such a diverse offering of crystals and gems for all your creative projects for this set we used their CRY collection which they put together in honour of the C.R.Y charity which promotes awareness of the charity and of Sudden Adult Death syndrome (SADs), and because a member of their team experienced a situation personally, she became more aware and waned to help. They endeavour to raise some money for CRY, which goes towards funding heart screenings for young people to detect any form of un-diagnosed disease or heart condition. Crystal Parade donates all profits of £2 for each pack sold. If these screenings had been known about and more widely available in every area of the UK a few years ago, many more young peoples lives would have been saved.

They chose the colours for the CRY mix to be subtle but sophisticated, to include feminine pink and AB tones which are very popular among nail artists. They have also included blue and gold to add some class and style to the design. This mix also contains some of our best selling shapes – the Raindrop and the Marquise, as well as some chunkier pointy back hearts to create a statement nail and add depth. We think the colours work well together and have a spring like feel to them. The pantone colour of 2020 is blue and we believe a best selling nail art mix has to include AB too!

We also use their amazing Crystal Katana which is our helping hand for picking up these beautiful crystals easily and aid precision placement. We love it and cant do without it.

Take a look a look at our gorgeous set we call Morocco that we created using the crystal nails C.R.Y collection on the beautiful Everest that we collaborated with for the final look. Everest has taken our design and colours used and created a full look that we think is beautiful.

In uncertain times like these creating is really adding a therapeutic element to our daily work and working with such beautiful products provided by Crystal parade and being fortunate to collaborate with our gorgeous clients really is a joy in a savage world.

We look forward to adding more sparkle to peoples lives.

Why not check out the glory of the Crystal parade here to browse their gorgeous gems and get creating yourself and give our beautiful ambassador Everest a follow to check out her creativity here on Instagram.

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