The Leoko Cre8tive Cup

The Leoko Cre8tive Cup


The Leoko Cre8tive Cup is a brand new competition format that is hoping to be the start of something long lasting and to benefit for the Hair and beauty community. Leoko Cre8tive Ltd a northern based company with its own private beauty studio and Academy is owned and ran by myself Leo Ko-Nkengmo award winning nail technician, makeup artist, beautician and educator. The company is also home to The Cre8tive Collective Team a team of experts that where put together by Leo to support the hair and beauty community with mental health advice, health and safety and compliance guidance, Business advice and support and creative and moral support.

One of the biggest issues within the industry is bullying. This has been going on historically within the industry for many many years. Within salons and workspaces, within beauty education settings and now more than ever on social media. One of the common themes we have seen over the past few years is bullying between the followers of brands. Most Brands themselves do not condone this behaviour nor do they go out of their way to attract individuals and groups that participate in this behaviour. This gives the brands a bad reputation which can destroy customer trust and loyalty and stop access to new customers. Of course the main issue is the effect it has on the individuals that are being bullied. Its a major issue and it needs to be stamped out. This isn’t something we can change over night, however with a few steps we can improve this industry and make people aware of the support that is available.

So here is out first step. We identified that a great way to get peoples attention and to cerate a buzz about something fun would be to start a competition league.

The competition

So here is is, the first ever competition for The Leoko Cre8tive Cup and what better way to kick this off by sending an anti tolerance message about bullying to all by getting some of the industry biggest brands involved.

This Leoko Cre8tive Cup will hold the title and hashtag #collaboratedonthate. The brands that have come on board to support us have not only donated their amazing products to support us but they will also be helping to judge the competition too. The message is clear, the brands wont tolerate bullying and they are collaborating together to communicate that. The prizes are cross brand prizes showing that its ok to use more than one brand. We love this concept and are so grateful to the brands that have come on board so far and look forward to more participating in the future.

Our sponsors

Here is just a handful of our sponsors so far.

The Rules

The theme of this competition is a fun one. There are some rules but it still allows you to show your creativity.

We would like you to create a professional magazine cover showing your nail designs. The theme is open in terms of design on the nails but he magazine cover must have some additions on it. This is an online competition so all competition photography and media must be sent via email to

Please read the rules carefully

  1. We would like you to create a nail set on either a human hand or hands or a mannequin type hand or hands.
  2. You must create at least 5 nails and no more than 10.
  3. The nails must be enhanced using any medium you like and must be at least 3 cm long on each finger and no more than 10 cm long on each finger.
  4. You can add 3D elements to the nails but they must not be larger than 3cm in any one space on the nails across or upwards. (in height)
  5. The theme of the nail designs are open and totally your choice.
  6. The magazine cover must display the hashtag #collaboratedonthate.
  7. The magazine cover must show the logos of all the brands that have been involved in supporting this competition. This will be emailed to you shortly after you register.
  8. The magazine cover must be clear and look like a professional magazine cover.
  9. The photo of your created nail piece must be clear and in shot.
  10. The nail design must be original and must be a newly created piece. We will not except work that has been used before in any other competition or for anything else.
  11. Do not include your logo or name on the piece to ensure that judging is fair.
  12. You can register online from 30th April 2021. You register by completing the form below and clicking on the link to pay. You can submit your piece at any time between 30th April and the closing date which is 12th June 2021 at midnight.
  13. You must submit your final magazine piece and a short video no longer than 60 seconds long showing and explaining how you created the piece.
  14. To aid the judges please photograph with a block colour background, preferably white or black so that they can clearly se the nail design and design of the magazine cover.
  15. Competitors can only enter each competition once. No second entries will be accepted.
  16. The judges and organisers decisions are final.
  17. No refunds of competition fees are given. Competition entrance fees are non-transferable and in the unlikely event the competition is postponed for any reason your entry fee will automatically move to the next event with no refunds given.
  18. Please comply with global copyright rules and do not recreate anything that is in copyright. No Disney characters, TV icons , no celebrities, no famous cartoon characters.


Please complete and submit the form below and pay your registration fee via the link below the form


please click the link to pay your registration fee. your payment confirmation will confirm your entry into the Leoko Cre8tive Cup. Only 1 entry per participant.

The Leoko Cre8tive Cup Registration – Leoko Creative (

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