The Nail On Sunday

The Nail On Sunday

Leo Ko-Nkengmo

Good day to you all. I sincerely hope you have all been keeping well over the last month. We haven’t been around lately but only because as a team we have had to re-evaluate and re-calibrate. We have definitely taken accountability for our failures and successes, and have started to make adjustments accordingly as a team. Its not easy running a supportive blog, a supportive group and our businesses and family lives as well. We take pride in what we do and love to see that you as individuals and organisations benefit from what we bring. However there seems to have ben a lull in participation and motivation in this industry as a whole.

Maybe this is becuase we are still unsure of what the near future holds for us and we are trying to concentrate on everyday activities in our businesses, work and life so that we dont loose what we have left. We are all guilty of resisting the extra curricular as we are pre occupied with what we think is important. However our services to this industry are very important for development, motivation, support, creativity and mental stability. So lets start again shall we? together as a community.

As stated we have researched and worked hard to understand what this industry needs that it doesn’t have consistently and we are preparing some great content, support and services for you all. So stick with us. If you are not a member of our Facebook group then what are you waiting for? click here and join the show (4) The Leoko Cre8tive Tribe | Facebook

So here is a taster of some of the changes.

The Team

Our Team has changed every so slightly and is also continuing to grow. Unfortunately Sam Windsor has decided to leave the team to concentrate on personal projects she has in development and we really do wish her the very best.

Beverley McLaughlin will be part of the Leoko Crea8tive Tribe group helping to support you all, sharing content and being there for you all as she has been.

We still have some existing members who will be coming back at you bigger and better and we also have some new team members.

Leo Ko-Nkengmo

Director of LEOKO CRE8TIVE LTD and The Leoko Cre8tve tribe.

Qualified, award winning nail tech, makeup artist and beautician and hairdresser. Qualified business consultant and educator. Nailchemy educator, Raven cosmetics ambassador and personal fitness trainer.

Will be creating amazing beauty related, business related and support related workshops. Supporting all group members, heading up our academy and planning some exciting events.

Leo has educated herself to the highest possible standards so she can share with and support as many people as possible.

Leo’s hobbies aside form beauty related activity include playing the drums, rock and indie music, keeping fit by going to the gym no less than 6 days a week, cooking fabulous food as she used to be a chef.

Carly Dorman

Qualified, award winning nail tech with over 10 awards this year alone.

Carly will be here to support all members of the group collectively. create amazing workshops and content.

Carly has had a short break to ensure she is keeping it real for herself and you lot. like discussed earlier, re-evaluation is so important and Carly has been doing just that. Read her full story in the next issue of The Nail On Sunday.

Her fave colour is green and her hobbies include spending time with her beautiful family. She loves all things nails an loves music and movies.

David Heffernan

Our Resident mental health and wellbeing coach.

David will be support our community with expert mental health awareness workshops, personal mental health and wellbeing coaching and professional hypnotherapy sessions.

David loves Chinese food, lucky cats and searching google for randomness.

Lenka Ondrisikova

Qualifed nail technician and creator and artist.

Lenka will supporting our creative community with workshops, instructional videos and more content and group support.

Her fave colours are pink and purples. She loves drawing portraits… craft and decorations… traveling.. driving fast cars. Has a Passion for nail art and detailing using different mediums such as , Crystal placement. Russian manicure.. flexi press tips

She loves spending time with her 3 doggies, loves cocktails and Jason Mamoa but knows that he is already Leo’s.

Nikki Hunter

Our Scottish lovely, Nikki is a qualified Nail tech and beauty therapist and educator with over 25 years experience as a teacher and salon and academy owner. She is also a mint tint ambassador.

Nikki will be supporting with creative education and workshops. helping to facilitate our up and coming courses.

Nikki loves Rock music, Live gigs Bike rally’s Art Walking in Nature Wicca Reading.

Her fave colours are green and purple and her children are her absolute world.

There are some others joining us but this will be announced in the near future. We hope you feel comfortable to join our Facebook group and approach our team with any questions you may have about your industry support needs.

Whats to come!

So with the new team comes a new motivation. We are going back to scheduling daily activity on our group firstly, starting slowly from the week beginning 28th June 2021 with everything back in full affect the week after.

Our weeks within our group will be filled with supportive activity including creative tasks, business support, mental health support, education and more. We will be more active within the education area of this website to and not just only on our Facebook group from now on.

We are busy writing and producing workshops and also fully accredited courses including NVQ’S. for the beauty sector. We will be hosting Live online events, focus groups and forums as well. We also have face to face Live events in our sites but as you are aware we have to ensure that we will all be completely safe first.

We will also be offering various subscriptions for support on a monthly basis so you have everything you need to make every success of your time I this industry and finally we have even more exciting things to come. So do take advantage of getting involved.

To get you started, ere is a cool video showing you how to create a simple French manicure design by our very own creative Lenka

Lenka shares with us her technique for creating a simple and easy French manicure.

Are you playing at a hobby or running a business?

Dave Heffernan

That may sound like n=an innocuous type of question? To others it may feel like an intrusive and even rude one?  Whatever your thoughts about it though is important as it will show you exactly where you are with your current business.

Obviously, the pandemic hasn’t helped – lockdowns and closures have at times brought the whole Nail and beauty industry to its knees – in Fact, 4.578 of Salons have permanently closed since the start of the pandemic. So many livelihoods taken away, – Some small home-based business and other large with Employees.  No one business is truly safe in these strange times but there are certain safeguards that you can put in place to give you a fighting change. Below I will list at least 5 ways of moving your business to the next level and keeping your mental health in check.


Yes, of course we can blame the global pandemic for having less custom and even less money in the bank but the truth is there are many people out there who aren’t struggling. They are bucking the trend. What is the difference between them and you, assuming you are in a situation you don’t want to be? 

The difference is MINDSET and the fact that successful people take personal responsibility for where they are.  They are honest with themselves –

So many times, I have heard from people who are desperate for my help – they are in a real pickle but they come out with the words ‘I don’t have time! I am sorry but if you don’t have a spare 30 minutes for some self-care then you really do need more help than you realise? I am not saying this to get at you or be rude? I am the least rude person I know but unfortunately it takes most people to hit rock bottom before their mind opens – Being honest with where you are sooner rather than later will save so much pain coming your way.

Once we accept, we are lost – can we finally find a way forward to our destination.


EVERYTHING starts with the attitude of gratitude.  When you speak to Nail techs who have only a handful of customers, they always say they want more. I get it – Sales are the lifeblood of a business – without sales you don’t have a business – you have a….eeerm Hobby 😊 but what strikes me more often than not is when I allow them to talk about why they want more customers and how frustrating it is as they have done EVERYTHING to gain more custom – It is striking that during these conversation – very rarely as in EVER, do they talk about their existing customers. It is always about the next one and the one after.

Now I am not saying you don’t care for your customers – Of course you do – I have never known a profession quite like the Nail industry that truly looks after their customers but what I am saying is How often do you take time out and display genuine gratitude for each customer individually – Thinking about how you made them feel, Ran the session back through your mind and remembered the look on their face or how they were at the start of the session against how they looked after the session?  If you were to feel that emotional attachment to your existing client base and put more thought into them, I guarantee your business would grow significantly,

Let me explain. There is a specific part of the brain called The Reticular Activating system.  According to scientists and people far cleverer than I – apparently, we receive the equivalent of 34 gigabytes of information every day. So to prevent us from overloading we have the Reticular Activating System.  It basically acts as a gatekeeper. I could go on and on about the R.A.S BUT in summary The R.A.S is massively important to you in growing your business. It helps bring people, things, situations and opportunities into your life based on what you focus on consistently. So if you are constantly thinking about LACK OF CUSTOM – The Reticular Activating system will show you more of what it perceives you want.


This is one thing that I really struggled with – As I am a professional speaker that talks personally about my life and I have a specific way of working and supporting people – I was afraid of opening up my business to others – For a long time I resisted letting people in – I was chief website designer, Accountant, Admin, Social media guru – It was exhausting – I was spending so much more time on those activities I wasn’t creating space to bring sales in. Something had to give.

As soon as I started outsourcing the stuff I didn’t like doing or didn’t serve me the quicker and bigger my business became. To many people look at the above as a cost rather than an investment – Think about how much time you spend on all the above and more and then equate that too potential lost income? If you create a void and commit to it I guarantee that void will be filled – You just have to take that leap of faith. If you say you can’t afford to invest in someone doing admin for example – my question is Can you afford NOT too? Most people do their admin for example either in quiet time or after work hours which eats in to family time which in turn will potentially cause feelings of stress and even resentment.

Start out with one outsourced piece of work which will free up time to focus on using that time more productively and allowing communication lines to open with your R.A.S (REMEMBER THAT?) and it will then get to work on helping you fill that void 😊


This may sound quite counter productive but bear with me on this 😊 When your stressed – very rarely, if ever were good decisions made. When you are suffering from a lack of custom this eats in to so many aspects of your life. It affects relationships, health etc. Too many people place business as a priority over everything else trying to justify it by saying  they are working all hours building their business BECAUSE of their kids or family…. The truth is from many years of making all the mistakes a man can make – to have a successful and balanced life I have found prioritising HEALTH, FAMILY Then BUSINESS is the utopia.

You see, without your health whether physical or Mental in a good way you won’t truly appreciate your business and will find you losing your way and falling at the next obstacle.

FAMILY – Time is one precious commodity no amount of money can buy back. Life goes by so very quickly and before you know it kids have grown up – Parents are older and frailer and so many opportunities to create memories are lost. I have served at over 3000 Funerals and have spoken with many grieving family members and I assure you the 1 common these running through those 1000’s of conversations was REGRET. They wished they had spent more time with their family creating special moment as and memories, don’t waste that chance – Get those 2 things right and business will flourish on your terms.


If you have ever been on holiday – you will know how relaxed you tend to be whether you are a sun worshipper or an adventurer – Nothing or no one can touch you. Problems just don’t seem to enter your world? In fact, you feel you can take on the world and win – Yet when we get back to the airport all the weight of the world’s problems land on your shoulder. You start thinking of bills, and business issues etc.  Stress repays you a visit.

My last thought – Whatever your day looks like – Live it in holiday mode. Relax and all your worries will disappear and as per bullet point 2 – you are in TOTAL control of how your life AND BUSINESS Will look in the future – Now go and make it happen

As always

Said with Love

The Heff – Dave Heffernan

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