The Nail On Sunday

The Nail On Sunday

Issue 6

The cre8tive Collective Team

Welcome back to yet another issue of The Nail on Sunday. As you may or may not know, we have moved this blog to run on a fortnightly basis. This weeks issue is full of creativity with Carly, customer service insights with Bev and Sam, Dave and myself will be discussing the seriousness of bullying within the industry. Lets get to the creative stuff first!

The last two weeks have been very interesting as we all got to go back to our salons, salon spaces, studios, mobile operation. Before this we were all engaging so much online with creating and sharing our creativeness but now we are concentrating on managing our businesses. PPE, cleanliness, implementing safe ways of working and gaining back are clients seems to be the main priority, and it should be. However loosing that creativeness, losing that community spirit and not finding time to learn, develop and share will quite often get you in a work rut. By this I mean that concentrating on the the operations side of your business contently will make you forget why you love it. Try to find that balance. Some of you may be part of our Facebook group where we have grown a cool community of nail techs, beauticians and more that engage in our weekly themed schedules to allow themselves to stay creative, share their work and learn from others and support others too. This weeks theme was fashion trends spring/summer 2021. We chose this theme as retail started to re open, we knew that you would all be trawling through sales to grab this seasons trends. Here’s Carly to explain more.

Being creative around fashion trends
Spring-summer 2021

Carly Dorman

When looking for inspiration around fashion trends it is a good idea to have a good look and do some research via magazines, Pinterest or looking around your local shops which you now can do. Current fashion trends can vary in designs that we will all like differently this is the joy of fashion. Using the inspiration you find can help you up your nail art and creative side and to be up on currant trends this can also benefit you when getting creative around a client needs for nail art, or colour matching to an outfit from day to day life or that special occasion. Once you find the inspiration you can use the designs in a few ways to create your nail art, Create designs based around the latest colour trends for a more simple design. Create designs by picking your favourite pattern on the outfit and recreating part of this. Create a design around the colours around of outfit. Sometimes if an outfit is wild with patterns having a toned down effect on the nails can match better and show them off more. When looking for inspiration I tried to focus around different areas as we are all so different in our fashion tends, anything from cat walk trends, high fashion labels to high-street fashion or to an outfit I myself might wear for the season. This week I have added a bonus pictorial only available here on The Nail On Sunday , I hope you all enjoy. The pictorial is based around a pattern I have recreated from a dolce and cabana dress. (Photo to go here) This weeks challenge is to recreate one nail around a fashion trend that suits your personality , I will look forward to seeing you post these on our Facebook group.

Fashion re-creation by Carly Dorman.
Speaking of creativity, myself and Leo are providing a LIVE online workshop showcasing spring style nail art and techniques on Sunday 9th May 2021. The workshop starts ay 10am and finishes at 4pm and there will be extra time for any questions. For just £25 for an all day workshop, Live, you will get to learn how to create 10 stunning nail designs using many different mediums and techniques that will allow you to use what you have learnt on practice nail art and clients. You will also be able to use the skills yo create new designs using these techniques as they are all transferable. Come and join us, it will be a fun day. Just go to the link below to pay and register. We will send out information nearer the date about materials needed and what we will be going through.

Customer encounters.

Beverley Forknall

Working with the public can be daunting. Especially in nails and beauty as your in such close proximity. When meeting a client for the first time, can make, both you and the client feel anxious, not knowing what to expect. Always greet with a big smile, cheery hello and show confidence Show the client to their seat and where to put their coat. Be upbeat asking how they are, have they had far to come and the good old favourite, the weather.

When sitting make eye contact and talk through what they want, have they a picture, or do they need help choosing. If its a special occasion, have they got an outfit they could show you. When making a decision on where your going, start chatting about family, work etc. Remember this is probably their only escape from family, the other half or routine. Let them chat away and listen, remembering key points in their lives, so if they return you start to build a relationship, of friendship and trust. Its nice to be a listening ear for them to vent, cry and most importantly laugh with.

Covid has made things much harder for us, I always used to offer a drink and even a friendly hug. Hopefully in time we can return to these extra touches for the client. On the table next to them in my salon, there is tissues, hand cream and phone chargers just in-case, nothing worse than your phone dying on you. Personal touches mean so much, to the client, nothing is too much trouble for them if we can help them. We get to know what they tend to want from their appointments and this helps to leave a suitable time gap, so that if you do run over your not leaving people waiting too long, or even at all. Always get up to see them out opening the door and making sure they leave happy and satisfied.

The truth behind a bully

Leo Ko-Nkengmo

The hair and beauty industry has really taken a beating this past year as well as other industries. Mainly because of the monotonous pandemic situation however its not just that of a worldwide disaster that has got our community in a spin, its also something that has been happening within this industry for a long time.

The beauty industry is full of vibrant, creative talented individuals, groups and businesses, which is one of the best things about the industry. Celebrating our individualism, similarities, differences and creativity is what, especially at the present time what we should be doing.

We all need teh love and support more than ever in the humble realisation that many of us have been through hell and back this past year in more ways than one. Alot may have lost someone dear, alot may have lost business, health, steady incomes and so on ………

Its nice to think you can be part of a great community of fellow nail techs beauticians and hairdressers that can truly lean on each other. However this unfortunately is not always the case. There are many in the industry that feel it their place to tease, goad, and bully, yes bully others in the industry for no reason. Or do they have a reason?

Bullies often bully because they are jealous and envious of others. They may be jealous of your relationships with others, for being popular, your ability to make friends or because you have a loving family. It may be envy of your talents and abilities and achievements. They may bully you because you appear different to them for instance your hair colour, religion or culture.

Whatever the reason someone is bullying you, remember that they often feel inadequate in themselves and, if you can, to try not to take it personally. I know this is hard as they may be doing something pretty upsetting towards you. Google defines a bully as, “seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable)”. This definition is good because it describes what a bully does, which is someone who harms, intimidates people he or she perceives as vulnerable, but this definition is incomplete. It misses out that bullies are people who are in the habit of harassing people. Once in a habitual state its hard to come out of it.

Ever heard of the saying ‘once a bully, always a bully?’ That’s because its a habit to behave in that manner. Just as smoking, eating bad food, drinking can e a bad habit, so can bed behaviour. They probably have the thought 10 times a day that they really don’t want to be like that but habit drags them back as it does to a lot of us. However this is just one take on it. there could be more explanation and elaboration. The bottom line is, bullying is not expectable, especially because the action of bullying often is operated under selfish reasoning. without a thought for what the action will actually do to the victim. A bully does not take into consideration how strong the victim may be. What they have been through in life, how this action may just push them over the edge.

There is no place for it in this industry however competitive this industry can get, in the grand scheme of things supporting and collaborating with each other and embracing each others uniqueness is definitely the way forward. Karma come around so the bullying kind can either await the karma or they can change, realise their mistakes and embark on a journey and making good of the rest of their time with others.

Bullying in the industry

Sam Windsor

I think we all know someone in the industry who has experienced bullying and harassment in some form, and many of you reading this may have been victims of this type of abuse yourselves.

There is one clear message that needs to be put across, bullying and harassment in any form is simply not acceptable. Think before you speak or type!

Whilst there are no specific laws protecting against bullying, there are laws in place to protect against harassment. It is also important to understand that online stalking and harassment is illegal in both England & Wales.


Bullying may include the spreading of rumours, offending an individual, unfair treatment, regularly picking on or undermining, or making fun of an individual. In the workplace it may include denying training or promotion opportunities.


Cyber bullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, offend and belittle others. It can include private messages, texts, emails, photos and comments posted on social media sites.


Harassment is when the unwanted behaviours/treatment are linked to one of the following protected characteristics:

Age Sex Disability Gender reassignmentMarriage and civil partnerships Pregnancy / Maternity Race Religions and beliefs Sexual orientation

Employers Responsibilities

Employers have a duty of care for their employees. They are responsible for preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace, they are also liable for any harassment suffered by employees.

It is advised that employers have anti bullying and harassment policies in place, and foster an open working environment whereby employees feel able to bring concerns to them before they escalate.

Complaints of bullying or harassment should be taken seriously and dealt with in a prompt and sensitive manner.

What to do if you are being bullied

  • It may help to try telling the bully or bullies, how their behaviour makes you feel, they may be genuinely unaware of the impact of their words or actions.
  • For workplace bullying, you can talk to your manager, a senior staff member, HR department or trade union.
  • Stick to facts, and remain calm.
  • Keep a diary of events so that you can produce evidence of the behaviour if wishing to make a formal complaint.
  • If you are experiencing cyber bullying, keep evidence of the incidents (messages / screenshots).
  • Update privacy settings to protect your content.
  • Report and block users on social media.
  • In extreme cases, a criminal offence may have been committed, in this instance a report should be filed to your local law enforcement agency.

Bullying in the workplace

David Heffernan

How many times have you heard the saying ‘There is nothing certain in life except for death and taxes’ I would like to add a 3rd option: And that is ‘coming across a bully in the workplace either directly or indirectly being impacted.

Bullying in the workplace is on the rise – A recent survey by SME Loans surveying 2,000 UK based employees on their experiences at work to date, found that:

  • 23% of the British workforce has been bullied at work
  • 25% have been made to feel left out in the workplace
  • 12% admitted to struggling to make friends in their place of work

Acas received over 20000 calls to their helpline centred around bullying in the workplace and there are even reports coming in suggesting that employers are being very heavy-handed bringing employees back into the workplace especially those who have been shielding and are vulnerable who may have legitimate concerns about their safety and well being when they return to work.

Most occurrence of bullying the person who is doing the bullying will most likely be insecure or have their own story. It is important for the person who is being bullied is looked after in the first instance and feel safe but, (and this may be an unpopular opinion) it is also important to understand and get to the heart of WHY the aggressor has done what they have done. This is why it is important to have a solid wellbeing policy within the workplace and in my view an open-door policy so all staff members feel heard and supported.  So many instances of bullying may well be avoided if employers took wellbeing seriously.

If you have a Nail salon with Staff or self-employed technicians – how well do you know them? The amount of stress that each and every one (including yourself) will have gone through some form of trauma or stress during the last 12 months. Many will have lost loved ones. It is important to understand that there is potential for staff being triggered by a throwaway comment or look which could get out of hand very quickly and become a perceived bullying issue if you are not fully appreciative of your staff’s mental state.

This is such an important issue and as such if you have a Salon with more than 2 staff then I want to support at least 5 of you and provide your staff and yourself with some well being calls and resilience training – I will also throw in some throw in a full month worth of myself as your resident Mental health first aider until you feel comfortable around dealing with Mental health in the work place as well as group training to help your staff with strategies to ground themselves as well as recognising the signs of stress and mental health issues in their clients.  This will be free whilst I develop further a full service offering so please email me at [email protected] if you would like to be part of this.

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